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About us

Tanviet is a typical representative of the generation of young entrepreneurs in Vietnam in the field of publishing. We promise to bring our readers the quality publishing products. Tanviet Investment and Development Co., Ltd. was established legally by authoritarian number 0102026521, granted by Hanoi’s Department of Planning and Investment on May 29th, 2006

We work in the field of publishing, printing and releasing new publishing products. From the early establishing days, with the motto “The quality of the products is the foundation to create a prestigious brand”, Tanviet has always closely focused and supervised every single step of work from draft and content selection to quality assessment in order to deliver the productive, useful products which make the readers satisfied.Tanviet is possessing a big and well-equipped retail book shop located in the city center’s book avenue, which is: Tanviet Bookstore – 7 and 17 Dinh Le St., Hanoi; 313-315 Bach Mai St., Hanoi.

In addition, Tanviet is also the exclusive supplier and distributor of the Bookstore of Big C Supermarket system, spreading out from the North to the South of Vietnam. In its 2012 – 2015 plans for retail system development, Tanviet is targeting to increase its number of bookstores to around 30 by the end of 2015.

For the legitimate interests of readers, instead of using intermediary stages in our producing and distributing process, we directly produce and distribute the products to the readers, by ourselves. Thus, it has brought the greatest benefits to our customers by saving a small amount of money on buying Tanviet’s books.